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Page Thumbnail Washington Supreme Court Restores Sanity to the Legislative Process
released February 28, 2013
Page Thumbnail The OEF calls on legislators to stop putting wealthy special interests first
released February 18, 2013
Page Thumbnail Our Economic Future coalition statement on Sen. Murray's capital gains proposal
released February 11, 2013
Page Thumbnail Press conference - March 21, 2012
released March 20, 2012
Page Thumbnail Small revenue increase dwarfed by $10 billion in cuts
released February 16, 2012
Page Thumbnail Coalition Calls on Lawmakers to Cut Corporate Welfare instead of Cutting Jobs and our Families
released October 27, 2011
Page Thumbnail Budget shortfall should be balanced by ending tax breaks and raising revenue
released September 15, 2011
Page Thumbnail Budget Cuts Unsustainable, Will Cost Us All More
released April 4, 2011
Page Thumbnail Thousands Rally in Olympia in Solidarity with Wisconsin
released February 26, 2011
Page Thumbnail New Bill Brings Accountability and Transparency to Tax Code
released February 24, 2011
Page Thumbnail Living Greedy Website Trades In Special Tax Breaks to Keep Vital Public Services
released February 23, 2011
Page Thumbnail In Midst of Budget Crisis, Washington State's Addiction to Tax Breaks Goes On
released February 16, 2011
Page Thumbnail State House Votes for Another Round of Harsh Cuts, Coalition of Concerned Groups Calls for a More Balanced Approach
released January 24, 2011
Page Thumbnail Stop Loopholes & Subsidies, Use Money for Education & Healthcare
released January 10, 2011
Page Thumbnail The Harsh Consequences of Budget Cuts
released December 15, 2010


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